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Silly Time: Types of Theatre Kids

Information Credit: Theatre Nerds

Annoyingly Perfect

Dear Lord, they can do nothing wrong. They waltz into a room absolutely shining with talent, and everything comes easy to them. We love their performances, but are annoyed with their perfection!


No, I didn't say "Trekkies." These people are a whiz at everything technical when it comes to a show. Need a set built? Done. Oh, fancy lighting sequence for "Confrontation" from Jekyll and Hyde? Yup, you got it.


These people can't resist giving hugs, or starting a snuggle fest during the cast party. They're the ones who make sure all everyone knows there is no such thing as a personal space bubble when it comes to being a theatre kid!

These are just a few examples of the many types of theatre kids. You probably know people who fit these descriptions, or maybe you are one of them yourself! What's important is all these types work together to put on a magnificent and fun show.

The Sneville Alumni want to encourage the students of Sneville School District to find and thrive in their own theatre personality. Make sure to RSVP to Christmas Tales to support musical theatre education in our community!

For more personality types, visit the source of information for this blog: Theatre Nerds


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